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Meeting your target audience face-to-face is just one of the exceptional reasons to include consumer shows in your marketing plan. Brides and Grooms attend consumer shows looking for information to help them make purchasing decisions.

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Now that you have decided to participate in the show, what do you need to do next?

So, you have decided to promote your business at a consumer show. Great choice! Consumer shows are one of the most effective ways to achieve sales, brand recognition, and test new products.

But, now that you have decided to participate in the show, what do you need to do next? Like most things in business, better planning leads to better results. Below, we have compiled some information, steps, and resources that will help you get the most from your exhibitor experience.

Set Goals

The first step is to know your goals and objectives. Knowing what you want to achieve and your definition of success, will help you decide on the design of your booth, your materials, and your message.

Some examples:
• Generate Sales Leads
• Stay ahead of the competition
• Make direct sales
• Build customer relationships
• Launch new products
• Create buzz to drive people to retail locations
• Educate Customers
• Communicate through demonstrations
• Position or re-position your brand
• Network with other exhibitors and sponsors

You are not limited to one single goal; but remember, to be realistic when setting your objectives. Don’t pick too many, or you may lose focus. Many exhibitors find the value of their show participation is reflected in sales and/or brand awareness and discussions for months or longer after the show.

Booth Design

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing your booth is how clearly it communicates your main message/branding in 3 seconds. That is exactly how long it takes an attendee to decide if they are going to approach or move on.

A few key tips that can help you draw people into your space:
1. Keep away the clutter – simplicity is key
2. Make it feel comfortable - open up the space, consider creating seating, put down a rug, and invite attendees in
3. Think about traffic flow - do you want people to enter your booth, or skim the outside?
4. Create an experience – getting the attendees involved in something at your booth is a great way to engage in conversation, and make it a memorable experience. Consider entertainment, tastings, contests, or demonstrations
5. Have professional signage - it should be easy to read and understand

Promote your booth

Our team will bring the audience to the event, but you need to help us bring them directly to your booth. Make sure you promote your presence to your current customers, Facebook fans, brand ambassadors, and more! Tell people why they should visit your booth, what benefits they will receive, what deals you have to offer, what you are showcasing - give them an incentive and watch them flock in.

How to promote your presence:
• Hand out the promotional tickets and coupons that the show organizers provide in advance
• Add the booth number and event information onto your website
• Utilize Facebook and Twitter to tell people about your booth number and offers
• Add a footer to your emails with information
• Change your voicemail to let people know where they can find you
• Consider advertising in the show program
• E-mail your customer data-base with the information
• Promote the show on your business signage outside of your store

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Now that you have got them to your booth, it is time to start to achieve your goals!

Achieving your set goals at the show

It’s show time! Your booth is looking great, you have a set goal that you would like to achieve, and you have promoted your booth number and attendance, now all you need is to optimize your interactions with attendees.

To do so, it is important to hire the right staff for the job. Your show ambassador needs to be outgoing, engaging, friendly and informative. These will be the people responsible for showcasing your brands and products and drawing in the crowds. The more that they can engage the audience, the better success you will have.

Your staff should avoid eating and using their personal cellphones in the booth, as this makes attendees feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. All shows have dedicated cafeteria areas or exhibitor break rooms. Make sure someone is always in the booth, as this will ensure that no attendee is missed. Have your staff dress in a uniform to make them easily identifiable and a walking billboard.

Once the attendee is in your booth, this is a great opportunity to qualify the lead. Create one question that will quickly tell you if they are a prospect. For example, have you booked a photographer for your wedding? If the answer is yes, you can move on to the next prospect. This will let you know immediately if you should pursue this person, or move on to the next lead.


Consumer shows are a great way to generate immediate return at the show, but there is also long term value in following up leads from the event. Every visitor detail you receive should receive a phone call or email within the weeks after the show. You may see results continuing to be generated up to 3 to 9 months later.

Customize your show experience

Looking for additional ways to engage your target market at the show? Grand River Shows can create custom opportunities to showcase your brand, create interactive experiences with your products, and/or create positive brand PR at the events. You can get involved in contests, sponsor a stage, sponsor a speaker, and have your own interactive areas or, we can come up with a completely unique idea, just for you! We can also help you with booth design and content ideas.

Learn more about our custom packages by contacting us at 519-895-5239 or via email at